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About Me

I’ve lived in Toronto for about 10 years now. I think Toronto is a truly unique city that’s waiting to burst onto the world stage, but it has a couple Achilles’ heels, and one of those is the difficulty of getting around. (The other is its love of grey concrete, but that’s a topic for a different blog.) I’m especially dissatisfied with the cycling infrastructure, but there are other problems too.

I’m a casual commuter cyclist. I like to ride to work on my bicycle sometimes, but I’m not super-fit, and I don’t ride on major roads. I’d ride more often and to more places if Toronto were more accommodating of cyclists.

I’ve been dependent on the bus system (for various reasons) in the past. The commutes used to kill me.

I have a lot of ideas about how to improve Toronto. I’m not interested in reblogging things other people have said. The ideas you see here are original ideas of mine.

I’m an engineer by training, but I’m not allowed to call myself that in this country, because my degree isn’t recognized here.

— Inscrutable Ted

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